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Discover the many benefits of a registry wedding

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Congratulations on taking this big step towards building a future together with the person who means more than anything else in the world to you.

If you want to get married, without the uncertainty of when lockdowns and restrictions would be relaxed again to permit big gatherings so all your loved family and friends can attend your celebration, a registry wedding could be the answer for you.

There are many benefits to a registry wedding. Having for a registry wedding is an excellent way to get married without the hassle and expense of large gatherings.

All that’s required is your celebrant, the couple getting married, and two suitable witnesses (each over 18yrs old).

Large weddings can be expensive, but registry weddings can cost as little as $500 (and that includes all your legal certificates, registrations with the Marriage Office, and the ceremony too (which usually takes around 10 minutes). So you can feel reassured that there is hope for you to get wed without breaking the bank.

Registry weddings don’t have to take place in some clinical office block either. The Castle of Kyle Bay has just opened its gate to the public (for a limited time) and is currently offering its venue free of charge to host your registry wedding (and a great building for your photoshoot too), with funny man Johan The Celebrant available to look after all the work for you.

The Castle of Kyle Bay is offering its venue free of charge to host your registry wedding (and a great building for your photoshoot too) offering two stunning backdrops, its Enchanted Palazzo Garden, or its Waterview Rooftop. Check out this short video of a registry wedding recently held there. (Video credits to Ballyhoo Photography)

It's important to remember that a wedding is just one day of your journey. What you're really signing up for when you say "I do" is spending the rest of your life with someone, and there are so many ways to spend this time together without having to put your future on hold in these uncertain times.

Presently there might be restrictions around weddings, but you don't have to allow those restrictions to prevent you from feeling like you have some control progressing with your life.

The Easy Weddings 2021 Annual Wedding Industry Report published the results after surveying more than 500 wedding businesses and over 4,000 Australian couples that shared their 2020 wedding experiences and plans for the future. They provided insight into how COVID restrictions have impacted everything from date changes and financial losses to business pivots and closures. It's evident that couples are taking back control of their wedding plans after a very confusing year having putting their plans on hold, and registry weddings seems the most practical way moving forward.

But wait, there's more to this silver lining, majority of registry wedding couples are not giving up hope for that big celebration in the near future and reserving a future date with Johan the Celebrant & MC to reenact the wedding ceremony with all their guests followed by a massive reception (with even more reason to celebrate) in a package he calls the 'Redo-I-Do Take Two', and at a discounted rate (after all you'd be a return customer then).

In summary, where once you may have felt you weren't going to have a wedding, you get to celebrate and enjoy two weddings (to the same special someone), and renew your vows. Now thats a win, when all felt a little lost right?

Benefits of a registry wedding Johan the Sydney civil wedding celebrant and funny professional mc
Wedding Receotion

We've helped countless couples plan their perfect day on any budget and we're here to help you too. It's free to meet up with your celebrant today - just reach out and send them a message me now, let’s get you lovebirds hitched!

Author : Johan the Sydney civil wedding funny celebrant and professional MC


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