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Planning a Wedding during Covid?

There is a Silver Lining: Having a Wedding During The Pandemic May Not be as Bad As You Think

Plenty of couples around the globe have been looking forward to getting married this year. Plans are in place, guests have been invited, and vows have been made. The only thing left is to wait in anticipation until your big day arrives.

Well, that was the case until the coronavirus pandemic entered the scene.

With reports today claiming that weddings may not be a safe idea while the pandemic's around, it's easy and understandable to feel scared for your plans. How can you be sure you'll still have the wedding of your dreams when the risk outweighs the pros of pushing through your planned date this 2021?

Being scared is normal, but there's nothing to fear when it comes to holding your wedding during the pandemic. Despite the uncertainties, we're here to help you discover the silver lining amidst this situation. Here are six reasons why a wedding during the pandemic isn't as bad as you may think it to be.

1. There are safety measures in place.

Both the government and health experts have worked on guidelines to keep everyone safe while we try to resume our "normal" outdoor routines.

For instance, everyone leaving their homes are highly encouraged to wear masks for protection against the transmission of the virus. Everyone's also encouraged to practice social distancing, at least 6 feet apart, for further protection. Authorities are also implementing stricter monitoring to keep everyone safe outside their homes.

All of these might sound a little restricting to the celebration you deserve, but hey, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. On the bright side, if everyone on your special day strictly abides by these safety measures, you can enjoy your wedding as if this pandemic never existed.

2. You've got better technology aid to celebrate your big day.

Thanks to technology, married-to-be couples have more available options to celebrate their love during these uncertain times.

For instance, plenty of weddings held during this pandemic have found assistance in teleconferencing apps. Thanks to Zoom and other available platforms, family and friends of the couple can still witness their ceremony, wherever they are.

For couples who are still in the planning stage, these conferencing platforms have also helped them meet and discuss with their vendors and planners.

But the aid of technology doesn't stop at the wedding celebration itself. Thanks to photo books online, you can tell the story of your special day to family and friends. You get full control over the design, so you're free to include as many wedding photos as you want.

3. A smaller celebration means more intimacy.

To push through a wedding during this situation, you'll have to narrow down your guest list to not more than 10 guests only. That may sound like a downer at first, but when you think about it, it's not as bad as it sounds.

With a smaller guest list, you get to focus more on the reason why this special day exists - your exchange of I do's and promises of loving each other forever. Throughout the celebration, you have more time to spend with your forever partner. You won't have that much privilege when you're busy entertaining plenty of guests.

That also means lesser stress with the planning stage. There are less food, wedding favors, flowers, and makeup artists to worry about. You won't need grand decorations and venue to impress a huge audience.

And of course, there's fewer family drama to deal with. You're not required to invite extended families if they aren't as close to you and your partner.

4. Vendors are more flexible and receptive to changes and requests in your wedding plans.

If there are people in this world that understand your situation better, they're vendors and wedding planners. They're affected by the pandemic too, and they know how it feels to make unexpected changes of plans.

Wedding planners, in particular, are your greatest allies in making your wedding a reality during this pandemic. It's their job to alleviate the stress from wedding planning, after all. They'll be on-board to help you discuss changes and better deals with your vendors.

Feel free to talk to your vendors and planners about the changes you'll make with your discussed deals. For instance, if you're switching from buffet to individual meals (because it's the safer option), let your caterer know. They'll be willing to discuss a workaround on your contract (if you have one) and any other details, such as the menu.

5. It's a now-or-never situation. Get married now or hold back your plans for a longer time.

Here's a simple, sad truth: the pandemic may still stay until next year, not until a vaccine is available. Take it from the words of experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci. Even wedding experts advise that postponing your wedding for 2021 may not be a better solution than holding your wedding this year.

So until you decide to push through a smaller wedding this year, your chances of getting married will get slimmer the more you postpone it. You can always go for a second, grander wedding once things go back to "normal." Think of it as a way to renew your vows or celebrate your wedding anniversary.

6. This is one unique wedding worth telling to friends and family in the future.

Everyone's a sucker for against-all-odds stories, and your wedding during the pandemic will be one story worth sharing to everyone, especially to your future family.

Despite the uncertainty happening around the world, you held your ground, hand-in-hand, and still found your chance to say "I do" to each other.

"The masks and the social distancing may have us physically apart, but our heartfelt vows have kept us emotionally and spiritually close, today and for the future days to come."

So cast your doubts away, reflect on your priorities for your wedding, and you'll see that a wedding is still possible despite the circumstances today. Just remember to follow the safety precautions, and you'll have the dreamiest wedding in the company of the special people in your lives.

Content by Mae Owens

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