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Weddings on a budget

What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?

How much should you spend on a celebrant?

How much should you budget for a wedding venue?

What is the average cost of a wedding per guest?

Considering having a wishing well?

In this blog edition, I will be sharing with you results published in the Easy Weddings 2021 Australian Wedding Industry Report providing information that you may find useful. It's their 6th annual edition of the largest national wedding survey, which gathers data from 500+ wedding businesses and 4,000+ couples with weddings in 2020-2022.

The average budget spent on weddings

What are the most popular months to get married?

Saturday's are the most in demand day accounting for 50% of weddings.

Make the most of the additional weekend capacity for weddings in January, May, July and October in 2021, as there are five Saturdays in each of these months.

The most popular wedding seasons

The wishing well

On average, 88 guests were invited to the wedding and reception.

Couple's received an average of $6,102 in their wishing well from wedding guests. Couples say an average of $124 is considered appropriate for a couple to spend or gift for a wedding. This increases to $239 per couple for close family or friends.

Planning your wedding from start to finish

A useful tool to guide you in booking the essentials for your special day.

What do wedding venues cost?

Wedding venues are usually the first and most costly supplier a couple books for their wedding. Venues are usually booked 12 months before a wedding. Couples continue to opt for quality over quantity when it comes to their guest list and their venue spend.

39% of couples chose their venue because of the food and wine 63% said the atmosphere is why they chose the venue 73.3% said the location impacted why they chose their venue

Average cost of a marriage celebrant

Marriage celebrants are the most important element of any wedding, as someone needs to officiate the wedding in order to make it legal. Increasingly, couples are choosing celebrants based on their personality and approach to ceremonies.

The average cost of marriage celebrants across Australia is $780 and are generally booked 10 months in advance.

But remember that it’s more important that you lock in the right celebrant that suits your ceremony than it is to try and save $50 or $100 booking the cheapest celebrant. After all, you don’t get married everyday.

Reasons why couples choose their celebrant might surprise you.

Interesting facts

In 1970, ministers of religion performed 88% of marriages, while civil celebrants accounted for 12%.

Nowadays 80% of marriages in Australia are performed by a civil celebrant and this number continues to grow.

Almost all same-sex couples (98.9%) have their wedding performed by a civil celebrant.

Choosing your wedding songs

Wedding music helps set the mood for the ceremony and reception, and is hugely influenced by popular songs and films throughout the year.

Ed Sheeran tracks like ‘Perfect’ and Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ are still popular this year, along with Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’. Kina Grannis, John Legend, Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars are also favoured this year.

General feedback for suppliers

Couples are increasingly reliant on a combination of recommendations and online reviews, rather than just one or the other. Social proof such as testimonials, online reviews, real wedding features and tagged images on social media are the popular platforms used.

The biggest influences for couples when they are purchasing or hiring any wedding supplier, regardless of category, are: The price

Reviews from previous customers - 90% of couples are influenced by reviews

Their responsiveness Their personality Their website/storefront Their social media - 83% of couples are influenced by social media Their location The fact that they were found on Easy Weddings

I hope you found this blog useful. I am always excited to see the results when they are annually published by Easy Weddings.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Johan the Sydney Celebrant and MC


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