Celebrant & MC Prices
Wedding MC Reception
Celebrant & MC Prices
MC Wedding Reception
Celebrant & MC Prices
MC Wedding Reception
MC Wedding Reception

It’s more important that you lock in the right celebrant that suits your ceremony than it is to try and save $50 or $100 booking the cheapest celebrant. After all, you don’t get married everyday. 

Think of your celebrant as your legal representative, because they are the ones responsible for making your marriage legal. A celebrant’s fees can vary (depending on the work detailed) and are booked out very quickly so locking in your celebrant may be one of the first things you should do.


Want to save $500?
Book me as your Celebrant & MC 


So what does a Sydney Marriage Celebrant cost?

Sweet N Simple Package:

Monday - Thursday Registry Office Style weddings from $500

Bespoke with Bells N Whistles Package:

Monday - Thursday location registry style weddings from $600

Friday - Sunday office registry style weddings from $600

Friday - Sunday location weddings from $700

(plus potential travel expenses)

What’s generally included is:

  • Notice of Intended Marriage & Declaration forms completed and submitted* (this makes your wedding legal)

  • Presentation Certificate on the day

  • Application forms for the Registry Marriage Certificate*

  • Rehearsal of the ceremony at our final meeting

  • Travel to and from for rehearsal and your ceremony location

  • Delivery of the ceremony

  • All Meetings and any necessary phone or email contact

  • Wireless Mic and outdoor PA system, which is Bluetooth compatible to play your ceremony music

  • Lots of tips and tricks along the way

* only applicable to wedding ceremonies

At our initial meeting, I advise to bring for me to sight your original passports and drivers licence (and birth certificates if available too) along with copies of each for me to retain for my records (this is a legal requirement as part of the process so I like to get it done asap) and then we can move onto the fun stuff. 

Our first meeting is obligation free, there's no cost to meeting each other. Once you decide to get the ball rolling an invoice is then set up to lock in the wedding date into my calendar and I won’t take other bookings once a deposit is received. (The balance is due one week before the wedding or I get to go on your honeymoon, that sounds fair).

What’s not included:

Cost of the actual marriage certificate from the BDM’s. Not everyone needs or wants one, so this is a small charge of $60 standard or $85 for urgent, which is paid directly to the Births Deaths and Marriages. I help you apply and submit it with my paperwork for a speedy processing as part of my service (no charge from me) or alternatively you can look at arranging this directly from http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/Pages/marriages/marriage-certificate.aspx  

So what does a Master of Ceremonies (MC) cost?

The important role of an MC is to run the formalities of your reception with every department from liaising with the venue (food and bar staff), run times of speeches, guests seating, video/photographer, and all entertainment booked etc. They are there to ensure a smooth running of your entire reception for you, so won’t have to worry about anything, you just continue to enjoy your special day and night.


If I am your celebrant for the day, I offer a discounted rate to also be your MC for the night until 11pm from $950 down to approximately $450-550 


I would be excited to be your MC too.

Contact Me to check my availability and we can arrange a face to face meeting. You will always receive my highest level of professionalism, friendly and reliable service, discreet, and respectful.​

What can affect prices?

Like people, each ceremony is different, so therefore each quote may be different depending on your needs. Please remember not to base your decision on price, rather on the celebrant you choose is critical to setting the tone for the rest of the celebrations. Some celebrants compete on price, others compete on being a professional!

I always recommend meeting the clients first before committing to anything. My office based at Kyle Bay and we can meet there and then go through the paperwork stuff. You get to ask all the questions you want, as I am here to help your ceremony run smoothly!

Then we do a rehearsal* on site if possible the week leading up to it, with the bridal party, the person giving you away, and anyone else involved in the ceremony. This is to make sure that everyone know where everyone is suppose to stand, roles and we know where the sun is, traffic, parking, tourist and animals will be.


Then on the day, I turn up about an hour before hand, to make sure everything is where everything should be, and if not, I can make the changes. I have time to kick people out of the park, pick up dog poo (if in a park), pick up rubbish, help set the chairs up, do a sound check, and basically welcome all the guest as they arrive!


Things that can vary the price:


– Harbour cruises – as we need to be on board where the boat normally is docked 1-2 hours prior. Additional $POA

– Regional locations – as we need to drive there, and allow more time, just in case of traffic, and this means we cannot do any other ceremonies on the same day, and sometimes 2 days if it is inter-state. Additional $POA

– PA System – whilst my system can cater for up to 200 people outdoors, some locations need bigger ones or additional speakers, as wind, musicians, open space and location can vary. Additional $POA

– The Theme – you may require me to wear an outfit and come dressed as superman, elvis, a dragqueen, a white suit or something to match the theme of the wedding. I have a good sense of adventure, so hit me up with any ideas. Additional $POA