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Get ready for a dose of double delight! Secure me as your celebrant and your MC, and watch your savings go sky-high! Curious about my awesome package deals? Just give me a holler!

Johan the Sydney Celebrant & Professional MC

...and get ready to

Johan the Sydney Celebrant & Professional MC

Let's talk about locking down that perfect celebrant for your ceremony! You know the one - they just get you. And, trust us, finding that match is a whole lot more important than trying to save a few bucks. Because, let's be real, you're not tying the knot every day, right?

Consider your celebrant as more than just the person who reads out your vows - they're your legal wingman, the magic key that turns your 'I do' into a legally binding 'you bet ya!' Now, their fees might swing a little this way or that (it all depends on how you want your day detailed), plus these superstars get fully booked faster than you can say 'wedding bells!' So, securing your ideal celebrant should be at the top of your wedding to-do list. 

What does a Celebrant cost?

Welcome to a worry-free, wallet-friendly start! Our initial meet-up is completely on the house, that means zero dollars. Zilch. Nada. It's just about getting to know each other. Once you're ready to jump in, we set up an invoice and your wedding date becomes a red-letter day in my calendar - exclusively yours once a deposit lands in! The rest is due a week before the big day. And hey, if it's not, I might just join you on your honeymoon! You've got to admit, that does seem like a fair deal, right? Price guide (gst inclusive): Sweet N Simple Package Monday to Thursday Registry Office Style weddings from $550 Bespoke with Bells N Whistles Package Monday to Thursday location registry style weddings from $750 Friday to Sunday office registry style weddings from $650  Friday to Sunday location weddings from $990 (plus potential travel expenses) What’s generally included ? > Notice of Intended Marriage & Declaration forms completed and submitted* (this makes your wedding legal) > Presentation Certificate on the day > Application forms for the Registry Marriage Certificate* > Rehearsal of the ceremony at our final meeting > Travel to and from for rehearsal and your ceremony location > Delivery of the ceremony > All Meetings and any necessary phone or email contact > Wireless Mic and outdoor PA system, which is Bluetooth compatible to play your ceremony music > Lots of tips and tricks along the way * only applicable to wedding ceremonies

What does a professional MC cost?

Welcome to your behind-the-scenes superhero, the professional MC! These maestros of merriment manage all the details of your celebration, smoothing the way between departments, from the venue staff to entertainment bookings, so you can focus on relishing every magic moment. With their expert touch, speeches will be timed perfectly, seats will be seamlessly filled, and photographers will be prepped and primed for capturing the joy. So kick back, let loose and leave the logistics to our expert MCs. Celebrate your special day and night, worry-free, and full of unforgettable memories!

Price guide (gst inclusive):

From $650 - $1200 

Sydney Wedding Audio Phone Guest Book Hire Package

My package saves you big bucks!

Welcome to an unbeatable deal! Wedding day jitters be gone, as I'm here to be your all-in-one Marriage Celebrant and reception's star MC! 
Your wallet will thank you for this amazing package that could slashes my MC rate from $1200 down to as low as $650. Think about that - it's practically a steal! Prepare to elevate your special day while we keep those savings intact. 

Contact me and see when we can sync our calendars for a no-obligation chat. Count on being treated to top-tier professionalism and a sprinkle of friendly charm. I pride myself on delivering dependable services, discretion, and respect.

Something extra

I also arrange for you an Official Internationally recognised legal marriage certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages office (BDM) which they charge $65 (includes postage) or $85 (with express postage). This cost goes straight to the BDM office. But here's the cherry on the cake, I'm here to help you apply and swift-submit it along with my own paperwork, all to ensure a speedy processing. And guess what? This top-notch service from me won't cost you a dime! Alternatively, if you're the hands-on type, there's always an option to sort this out directly with the Office of Births and Marriage 

Other budget factors

Harbour cruises : as we need to be on board where the boat normally is docked 1-2 hours prior. Additional $POA Regional locations : as we need to drive there, and allow more time, just in case of traffic, and this means we cannot do any other ceremonies on the same day, and sometimes 2 days if it is inter-state. Additional $POA PA System : whilst my system can cater for up to 200 people outdoors, some locations need bigger ones or additional speakers, as wind, musicians, open space and location can vary. Additional $POA The Theme : you may require me to wear an outfit and come dressed as superman, elvis, a dragqueen, a white suit or something to match the theme of the wedding. I have a good sense of adventure, so hit me up with any ideas. Additional $POA

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